The Best Is Yet to Come…

Every day is a blessing and I realize that more and more the older I get.

I realize that sometimes even when I get down because things don’t happen when I want or on my schedule – that there is something bigger and better in store for me.

My future lies deep inside of me and I have to create the me I want to be. Every day I work to be a better person, although I make many mistakes along the way.

Nobody else can bring me happiness, it comes from inside me as it does you. We all can create the life we dream if we just believe it and love ourselves.

We only have one life to live and we need to live it to the fullest, embracing it and enjoying the ride.

I’ve often asked why too often and not gotten an answer at all or the answer I wanted, so maybe we don’t need to always know why or why not!

I am going to dream big as I know THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

A Perfect Day?

Sunday, I ran my 2nd half marathon in 8 days. This time up in Syracuse, New York.

I had a goal, sort of. I set out to come in at 2 hours 5 minutes or better, but I really wasn’t certain that was possible because I just ran a PR the week before in DC at 2 hours 6 minutes 10 seconds and I had never done half marathons on back-to-back weekends.

Again, I followed a similar formula to DC – just taking what my body gave me. I had no music, there wasn’t even any along the course. I wasn’t going to check my pace on my watch or anything like that – I was just going to go run, with all I had. The one slight change was that I did have a cup of coffee, so a bit of caffeine before I ran.

So mind you, I was due to get into Syracuse early Saturday afternoon, however, due to weather in New York City, my flight was cancelled thus I was stuck another night up in Burlington, VT. So I didn’t get in to my hotel in Syracuse until about 10:30 pm Saturday night. No worries, but not ideal when you have to get up at 6 am to go run and really even though I know I am not going to win, I always want to give it my best. But, some times you just have to roll with it and since stressing over it wasn’t going to change anything I didn’t.

Sunday morning had a little snow and temperatures somewhere around 18.

I told my mom that my goal was to run under 2 hours in Canton at the Hall of Fame race at the end of April, if the conditions were ideal because to shave 6+ minutes off my time in 5 weeks was still significant, but doable.

So I will say Syracuse puts on a good race. They kept us inside until about 10-15 minutes before the start of the race, which was nice given the temperatures. Every mile they either have a clock or someone calling out pace times, so yes, it was easier for me to tell how I was doing. I didn’t start with the clock nor did I know how much time difference there was, but as I got closer to the end, I got a better idea and knew at the 10K mark that I was at least on pace with what I did in DC. But again, I just said keep taking whatever your body is giving you. When I saw the finish line and the clock and it read 1 hour 59 minutes, I thought holy smokes, I can get under 2 hours on clock time, so of course the last 0.1 I kicked it up a notch, but otherwise, I think I just ran my race. My official time was 1 hour 57 minutes 55 seconds – cutting over 8 minutes off my time from the week before.

The race is set-up nicely for negative splits, which I did.

5K Split: 29:24 (9:28 minutes/mile)

10K Split: 57:28 (9:15 minutes/mile)

15K Split: 1:24:45 (9:06 minutes/mile)

Half Finish: 1:57:55 (9:00 minutes/mile)

My first mile was over 10 minutes and I never would have thought that I could break the 2 hour mark with even one mile over 10 minutes. The first 3 miles were a bit congested and maybe that helped me control my pace and not start out too fast, which I have done in the past. I don’t know. Mile 9 was my fastest and 10 of the miles were all sub 9 minutes miles.

So I guess getting in late, flying on a plane, to catch a train, with a little snow and well below freezing temperatures all made for a PERFECT DAY!

It is the first time, I have probably really been proud of my running and now I just want to run more. I can’t wait for my next race, which is an 8K in 3 weeks, I could change it to a half, but I have never run an 8K, so I figure it will be fun to have a little variety. I want to run a 5K because I realize that my PR from last September is just 10 seconds per mile faster than my time in this weeks half marathon and kind of wondering what I could do now.

I haven’t run a 5K since September and maybe I would mess up the shorter distance now. But I am looking for a good race to run and give it a shot.

Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts that are running through my head about life.

1. Believe – in yourself and you will be amazed at what you will accomplish

2. Passion – live life passionately. We only have one life to live, so embrace it and enjoy it. Give it all you got.

3. Love – yourself and others, even if it isn’t reciprocated.

4. Forgive – it will set you free

5. Dreams – have them

6. Goals – set them

Life will give you back 10 fold what you put into it, if you will just allow it to.

Sometimes you just have to roll with it

So I had to come up to Burlington, Vermont for a quick work trip. My flight for tomorrow night is already cancelled. Which means I miss my train to Syracuse on Saturday morning. I could rent a car and drive but if the weather is so bad that they are cancelling flights, do I really want to drive in it – to either Syracuse or NYC? The Delta agent tried everything, but there are so few options out of Burlington.

Anyway, I could have technically tried to go straight from LGA to Penn Station and catch the 10:20am train, because I was prepared and packed everything I would need to go straight from Burlington to Syracuse if necessary. That would have been nice because I would have gotten in about 3:30pm, but it would have made everything else stressful. The 1:30pm train is sold out, so that left the 3:40pm train which won’t get me in until almost 10pm. I opted for the 3:40pm train.

But you know what…I still get in and I still get to run my race.

Thank you Syracuse for having same day packet pick-up! I won’t see much of your town, but I get to go for a nice snowy run.

It is all going to work out!

I did a lot of things different, but I only know how to always give it my best!

Yesterday I ran the Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in DC. So maybe I am a bit unconventional in my running, as I really don’t run with a plan, I will often make up a plan, but I never tend to follow it. For anyone that knows me and knows that I am a planner, by nature that is probably shocking, but I found I am much more relaxed when I don’t over think my running. I just run my best with what the day gives me.

It was cold and rainy and overall an ugly day for a run in my book. I have never run in the rain at all, not a training run, not any other race. I ran in my old Newtons that needed to be retired, but I figured they had another 13.1 left in them and I could just leave them at the hotel  and not carry them back home. My new shoes only have 50 miles on them, but I packed them in case I changed my mind – but I didn’t.

It was the first race that I ran without music in my ear, unless you count the 5K that I did with a friend that I hadn’t seen in 15 years and we talked the whole way. It was also the first time I used my Nike+ GPS watch over the App, for a race, so nothing shout out my pace times. Yes, I could have looked at my watch and paced myself, but it was rainy and cold and so I didn’t look at it, I just ran, no idea of my time – yes they had clocks every so far, but I started in group 23 or whatever and no idea how much time I would have had to subtract nor was I even wanting to try and think that hard.Not to mention, not all of them were working properly.

I also decided to run without any pre-race caffeine, no coffee or red bull. That is usually all I have pre-race, but I skipped that. I did have water all through the night and up until about 6am or so. I also decided that I was going to see if I could go without fluids during the race. Now, I can’t take water in when I run anyway, but I can drink some Gatorade, but I figured it was in the 40s, raining, and I hydrated properly prior (which is most important anyway for a half), so I decided what the heck. I wanted to ‘test’ things in this run but I don’t drink anything on my training runs, so I figured I would be fine.

So when I decided to run the Syracuse Half next week, my initial plan was just to use DC as a training run for Syracuse and go all out in Syracuse. I have only ever run 3 half marathons previously, but several other short distance races and I don’t know how not to just always go out and run my best. Someone asked in a FaceBook post if I was competitive, not me specifically, just a post to anyone who wanted to respond. I said, “yes” but I think it is about just always giving it my all, all that I have that day and that may not be very good some days, but it was all I had. That is not just with running but with everything in my life. I know I am not going to win a Marathon, but I do set personal goals for every distance and every race that I run. I want to beat me.

Anyway, so I did all these things different and I just let my body guide me and tell me how to run – even with the worst hill ever some where around mile 5 1/2 – UGH! I so wanted to walk and did for about 15 seconds, then I told myself, you trained for this and you don’t need to walk, get moving.

So I guess you want to know how the race ended? I set a PR by over a minute – my new best is 2:06:10. My next race as I mentioned in Syracuse and will be the first time I have ever run races back to back weekends – I am still deciding on my goal but it is probably 2:05:00. My goal for the Hall of Fame Race at the end of April in Canton, Ohio is to get under 2 hours.

Long time since I have posted

So it has been a long time since I have posted anything at all. A lot has changed since. Such as:

  • Moving from Cordova, TN to Astoria, NY (Memphis to New York City)
  • Changing Careers (Operations to Sales)
  • Selling a house and living in an apartment
  • Losing a few pounds

However, what hasn’t changed is that I still run or started back running after an injury or several of them. The hairline fracture in my leg is what sidelined me – all the others, I could deal with and still run.

I am back trying to go for 1,000 miles this year. I for simplicity of tracking purposes, I will track how much I have actually run in 2015 and not track my other 1,000 mile challenges that I am part of, one of which started Nov. 1, 2014 and another Dec. 1, 2014. Those are challenges in which I am competing against friends in to reach 1,000 miles and while those are still ongoing I keep those tracked in Nike+. For 2015 I currently have logged 143.8 miles. I ran at least 1 mile a day every day in January and then took 5 days off in February.

I am still trying to log at least 100 miles in February, but currently only at 18.2 miles for the month.

I have completed 3 half marathons now and have my next half marathon in DC March 14th at the Rock-n-Roll DC event. Then March 22nd I follow that up with the Syracuse half marathon. As I mentioned I have only ever run 3 halves and now I am going to run them back-to-back weekends.

I set my PR at the Frozen Bonsai Half here in New York’s Central Park. 2:07:21 was the clock time.

My intent is to use DC as more of a training run for Syracuse, but I am not certain that I know how to do anything but run and go with how my body feels.

I am partnering with a charity —- more to come on that soon as I have more. I am running to bring awareness to Domestic Violence. You will see me in Purple at my races.

My goal is still to run a 5K or longer in all 50 states and DC, which I may have never posted here. But that is a goal I set a while back, so in April, I will run in the Unite 8K at Rutgers in Bruswick, NJ and then the Hall of Fame 5k & Half in Canton, OH.

I will hopefully in the near future have more to post about my charity news as well as more running news.





Remembering September 11th —- 12 years later and my run on Sunday…..

So as a runner —- I am linked to many ‘running’ pages on Facebook. Folks started posting about running 9.11 miles today. Sunday is my first ever half marathon up in Westerly, RI – The Surftown 1/2 Marathon. All that means from what I have read is that I am supposed to curtail my running (from all the things I have read) and should run about 3 miles a day. Well I decided to give up that and run 9.11 miles today anyway….I just split it into 3 runs at breakfast, lunch, & dinner.  I also ran some of my best times of the week —- running along the boardwalk in Marina del Rey. I felt so good after the last little bit I wanted to go hit the bike for 9.11 miles too, however, this hotel doesn’t have a bike in their gym —- nor a rowing machine. I couldn’t justify hopping on the elliptical or the treadmill, although a walk I probably could have done but I wasn’t ready to walk on the treadmill for 2 hours plus to get in another 9.11 miles.

(Sorry, I have missed Boardwalk Empire all week —- so I am actually going to pause to watch it and then probably fall asleep.)

Yes, I watched it and then immediately fell asleep —- I am not a night person.

I was trying to come up with something I could do as a reminder each day up until next year on Sept. 11th —- but so far I have been unsuccessful. I am open to any ideas.

I must admit that I have never been as excited for a race as I am for the one this weekend. I really hope that I enjoy this distance and that I am able to do many more. This will be my 5th different state to run in this year —- the only time any friend has met me at the finish line has been in CA. I always find folks to talk to pre-race, so that never bothers me, but I wish more of my friends ran. I will say though that many have become very supportive of me lately and maybe that is the best I could hope for.

My tendinitis came back this week, so glad I remember to pack the Rock-Tape. It was there for my 15K in Atlanta, so why wouldn’t it crop back up again. I am a runner, so of course I won’t rest it, so it will never completely heal. Yes, I am a bit stubborn – but it is the best get-a-way and relaxation thing I have found – I am a bit in my own world when I run —– so maybe I really don’t need a running partner.

Here is hoping for awesome weather and a great run to all 4000 racers (I think that is the number).  I must call it a night and I will write about my experience post-race.